RF Steering Wheel Panel


Set contains:
-Transmitter (panel to be screwed onto the universal mounting kit 6x70mm)
-Plug with terminals for the receiver
-A set of mounting pins of different lengths spacing the Panel from the steering wheel depending on the steering wheel offset (arm profile) (3x30, 3x55, 3x65)
-Battery to power the transmitter
-Set of plugs with terminals for Paddle Shift connectors
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The RF Steering Wheel Panel offers a convenient and versatile control interface for your vehicle. Equipped with eight push buttons and four rotary switches, it integrates with the included RF Receiver. Utilizing advanced wireless Radio Frequency technology, the panel transmits data over the CAN bus, enabling diverse applications within your car. Additionally, the panel supports connection to paddle shifters for expanded functionality.



Wireless Steering Wheel Panel Manual




Wireless RF transmission immune to all interference in the car.  
8 pushbutton switches.  
4 rotary switches.  
2 connectors for paddle shifts.  
Low power consumption (tested for over 1.5 million button presses at room temperature).  
CR2450 battery.  
Battery level transmitted over CAN-bus.  
Bespoke carbon case.  
Direct integration with other CAN-bus devices as a CAN Switch Board V3.